Introduction to Department
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Introduction to Department

Introduction to Department

In accordance with the medium and long-term planning of the school, the management of information technology and the integration of management, since the beginning of the eighty-four school year night in the Department of Health Management Section, set up information group, strengthen information courses, two years after another good teachers , And the revision of the course, with effect. In order to meet the changing needs of the overall economic environment and the demand for information management personnel, the school expanded its schooling to the Business Management Group on the basis of existing experience and laboratory equipment. In the 87th academic year, the department also added two Specialized Information Management Departments In ninety years began to recruit admission information management department of the University of four skills, two new skills. At present in the construction of hardware and software have been perfect, in recent years to accept the Ministry of Education Department of evaluation, in the whole department under the efforts of teachers and students, get first-class success.


Teaching objectives and core competencies

The Department is dedicated to fostering the use of management knowledge and information technology and humanistic care professionals. The Department of the cultivation of the core competencies of talent there are five categories:First, the system development method;Second, system development tools and applications;Third, system management;Fourth, electronic enterprise management;Fifth, digital full care.


Teaching style

First, the development of the Department emphasizes the integration of information technology and management applications, the management strategy into the computer
Technology, combined with the Department of Health School of the professional basis and equipment resources, so that students have a macro vision.

Second, engaged in business information systems and medical information system planning and application. It focuses on the teaching and research of e-commerce, computer multimedia system, information network technology and medical information processing technology.

Third, focus on research projects, to provide network information systems, multimedia information systems, medical information systems, database management systems, marketing support systems in five major areas, with personal interest ability to select, through the completion of the topic, the theory and practice to be integrated.


Employment outlet

In addition to having the professional ability of information and management, the students who have been trained in this department will have the knowledge of medical information. After graduation, they may enter into all walks of life to assist the enterprises with e-learning. They may also work in information departments and administrative departments of public institutions. , Or enter the software company, engaged in software development, software services and so on. The main categories of related work are listed below:

First, enterprise information management

Second, software development and programmers

Third, network system planning and service personnel


Future Outlook

The department will continue to improve the professional computer labs for students, encourage teachers to further study and recruit better teachers in related fields, encourage and counsel students to obtain Certificate of Technician B, and encourage and counsel students to obtain relevant research institutes. In addition, the development of this department will make good use of the basic and resources of the medical and nursing technology of our school, and develop the management information system and application technology in business and medical care. Future efforts will include:
Department of the integration of school subjects, such as
(1) combined with the Department of Medical Management for hospital automation simulation research, and the development of medical information systems and research.
(2) combined with the development of multimedia child care department of digital learning system to help children teaching.
(3) the combination of radiation technology for medical image processing and transmission studies.
(4) Combining the computer center and the nursing department to develop virtual reality medical simulation teaching.

Strengthen cooperation with the manufacturers in the central region, so that the students have a deeper understanding of the future work environment related opportunities, teachers can also introduce new technologies as a reference for teaching.
With the school to participate in the Ministry of Education distance education program to existing equipment and technology-based, development of distance medical system.


Department of the words

In the past, the directors of the Department of Management have devoted themselves to the planning of the service, the efforts of all my colleagues and the support of the school in administration and funding to achieve today's little success. In Taiwan, President Chen's outstanding leadership and renamed as the Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the Department of Resources Management to undertake the task will be more important, for example, a year after the evaluation of how to maintain the past first-class scores and so on. At present, the faculty structure of this department needs to be improved. It is expected that some colleagues or senior lecturers in the department can successfully get a doctorate or change to an assistant professor in the short term. In the short term, it is advisable to employ a number of professional teachers (assistant professors and above) to recruit and enhance the research ethos and energy of the Department. In addition, the Department will continue to promote and plan the use of winter and summer vacations or holidays to hire industry experts to teach short courses on the student license examination, expect to have a significant increase in the rate of students to obtain the certificate and the competitiveness of the workplace. At the same time, we should regularly invite senior experts from the industry to participate in the planning of professional courses, so that students in the classroom to learn useful practical needs of the industry professional knowledge and training. Finally, the Department of all my colleagues in the effort, within two years can apply for the establishment of Information Management Institute, in order to nurture more talents.